Showcase Custom Coutertops

We offer 100% acrylic solid surface (Corian), Formica laminate, and post-formed countertop options in hundreds of different colors, styles, and textures.   We can make a countertop to meet your needs and add style and function to your home!

The Solid Surface Advantage

Simply put, there are no disadvantages to our acrylic solid surface kitchen or bathroom countertops.  Its sustainable luster and seamless appearance enhance any kitchen or bathroom.   These are only two of solid surface's many advantages.  Solid Surface is very affordable today and is clearly the first choice of customers.   We have numerous suppliers to fit any budget.

There are many colors and Styles including faux Granites and Stone Colors.   Click Here to view our available Colors & Patterns!

   Additional Advantages

  • Easy to Clean Surfaces

  • No Bacterial Growth

  • No Staining

  • Renewable / Repairable Finish - easily repaired to render a surface that is defoid of scratches and minor "dings" in the finish.

  • Under-mount sinks - come in many shapes and ar available in Acrylic, Copper, Stainless Steel and Quartz.

  • The seamed-in sinks are not hiding places for bacteria and fungus.   No dirty edges.

  • Ability to be Machined providing unlimited seamless shapes and edge profiles.


Come see these beautiful and rich-looking countertop options today.  They will enrich any kitchen, bathroom, wet bar, library or entertainment center.   A house will become a home, a room a haven, that is distinctly you.