Showcase Custom Furniture

Early American, European, Victorian, or modern contemporary are all familiar words at Showcase. Whether you need a custom wine rack for the kitchen or an entire bedroom or living room set, we take pride in the craftsmanship of our woodworkers in our furniture division. From common American pine to African zebra wood, we welcome any size and any species.

In 7th grade woodshop class Jeff was directed on how to build a footstool by the end of the semester. (Remember? Do you still have yours?). To his instructors surprise, Jeff finished his by the end of the week and presented the teacher with plans for a dresser with a hutch on top! Never daunted by new techniques, joinery methods or styles, Jeff has successfully delivered custom pieces to match or compliment existing pieces in many homes. Without bias to his personal tastes, Jeff will listen to your ideas and deliver your vision , to include designs off his drafting table

  • Vacuum bagging of veneers, burls, bookmatched and plain sliced

  • Curved components made in our shop

  • Dovetailed joinery & drawyers

  • Endless palette of of possibilities, simple or complex

  • Custom does not mean expensive