Showcase Flooring Solutions

Our experience at Showcase with flooring is extensive. From tear-out/removal of old flooring, determining proper underlayment to the installation of new product. We are well versed in hardwood surfaces, ceramic tile and linoleum, and have built excellent relationships with several suppliers concerning any carpeting needs. We also have the ability for custom artistic expression whether it be anything from an inlayed compass rose or geometric mosaic design to your favorite wild animal or flower. Squeaking floor? We’ve been down this road several times before. As a builder and remodeler of homes, we understand how your home is constructed. Your squeak has a cause and we can find it. You can trust we’ll remove all those screws found beneath your existing floor that didn’t fix it.

Once we get to the bottom of the cause, you can trust we have the experience to re-assemble it correctly.


Turn key in our experience = 100% satisfaction from our customers.