Handiman Cabinets

Some people prefer to undertake projects on their own, but have limited resources for suppliers. Here at Showcase, our suppliers are literally unlimited, and we would be happy to advise you according to your application and budget.

Designs within reach

Our Handiman series of cabinets has 17 different styles of cabinets available. Many of our customers can find a stain color, doorstyle and type of wood you like.

This cabinet series is Unique:

  • Solid wood, dovetail drawers on most styles

  • Soft close slides on your drawers on most styles

  • Full extension slides, most styles

  • Solid wood doors, drawer front & face frames (all styles)

  • Wood construction (all styles)

  • No particle board-ever!

  • Plywood shelves with real wood veneer

  • Concealed hinges

As you can see, these are not cheap in quality. This product is available at a lower cost because there are only 17 styles available and are usually ready in 10-14 days. Awesome quality for us on any project.